Wellness Everywhere Mobile Physical Therapy

Wellness Everywhere Mobile Physical Therapy provides in-home outpatient physical therapy using restorative procedures that provide the best outcomes. Homebound patients can receive personalized care from our team of licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants with prior authorization from their insurance provider. Wellness Everywhere Mobile Physical Therapy is the ideal solution for homebound patients, rehabilitation after discharge from skilled nursing as well as post-operative care.  

Clinically supervised therapists help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and help prevent or limit physical disabilities. Our hands-on approach and dedicated follow-up truly distinguish Wellness Everywhere Mobile Physical Therapy from other resources. Highly skilled in orthopedic rehab, soft tissue/joint mobilization and other rehabilitation therapies, our mobile physical therapists have also been chosen for their relationship and communication abilities. The greater the bond between a patient and the therapist, the more apt a person becomes in faithfully maintaining their rehabilitation regimen. We strive to build a trust factor and an understanding that helps compel recovered patients into continuing their exercises as a preventative program. For more information click here.