Fitness Member Testimonials


Nifty after Fifty® has impacted thousands of lives at each and everyone of our centers. Here are a few heartfelt stories. 


Heart Transplant Member

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Nifty...after 50? YES!

After Fifty...?  Can we be Nifty...?  Asking myself this question at 70+ I enjoy a solid answer of YES...!

After only a short 90 day, twice a week STRENGTH training program with Nifty after Fifty in Apple Valley, CA my success with this program was put to a sudden test.  Involved in a major freeway accident, I am pleased to report my body has recovered remarkably well in ten weeks.  I attribute, as does my medical team, this quick recovery to the increased STRENGTH benefit gained, the supportive staff and of course the upbeat Nifty after Fifty members contributing laughter and warm camaraderie.  My family and friends now refer to me as Nifty after Seventy! 


Thank you...

Dotti S., Apple Valley, CA



Thank You for Giving Me My Health Back!

Late in 2010 my doctor called me to his office.  My blood work was all out of the normal range.  He told me that my blood pressure was elevated, I was overweight, and he also diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes.  He started me on cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes medication.  He also talked to me about Nifty after Fifty and how he thought that it would help me get my health problems under control.  I was given a prescription to get started on an exercise program at Nifty after Fifty. 

I had not exercised in years!  Sarah, the Fitness Coach, made me feel welcomed right away.  She explained that she would work with me through developing a customized program that could help me get back into exercising and get my blood work results closer to what the doctor wanted them to be.


After getting into exercising, I found that I was enjoying my experience.  Sarah introduced me to Vitabot - a nutrition program that could help me get some of the weight off.  I am happy to say that with Sarah's help, I have been able to take off 50 pounds and have gone from a size 22/24 clothes to a size 14!  I sleep like a baby without any medication.  Exercise makes it possible for me to relax and enjoy life!


In December 2011 I went for my 6-month check-up.  The doctor came in and said, "Can I be your patient?  Your blood work is now almost normal; and your A1C has gone from a 7.2 to 5.7!

Because I am 72 years young, he explained that he wanted to keep me on a low dose of cholesterol and blood pressure medication.


Thank you, Nifty after Fifty, for giving me my health back!

Connie M. , Katy, TX



No Lipitor for Me

I’ve been enjoying exercising since March. A couple of weeks ago I went for my annual physical and check up. I have not been sick, so it was routine. The blood test results were anything but routine-----my total cholesterol was 50 points lower, from 227 to 177; and my triglyceride was down 69 points from 244 to 165.

My Doctors asked if I had changed my diet or what had changed. (They have been after me to take Lipitor or one of the other drugs, but I had refused.) I told them the only thing that had changed was that I was exercising at Nifty after Fifty twice a week.


Thank you, your staff, and Texan Plus for getting me started.

Sam P., Pasadena, TX



...professional, patient and caring

The staff has trained me on how to properly use all of the equipment.  The results have been more confidence, improved breathing techniques and muscle toning.

Every one of the staff members is professional, patient and caring."

Bob H., Los Alamitos, CA



...Nifty after Fifty is yet another of the many blessings we’ve received and enjoy

I’ve been a Caremore member for nearly 4 years and my wife, Maureen, and I are believers.  The affiliation with Nifty after Fifty is yet another of the many blessings we’ve received and enjoy.  A special highlight has been personally meeting and bonding with the founding angels of both organizations, Dr. Zinberg and Dr. Kahn. 


During only a few months of workouts, twice a week, I’ve lost about 20 pounds, mostly belly flab, and cautiously started playing racquetball again as well.  I’m also feeling more alert and vibrant.

Recently, I confided a new problem to Dr. Zinberg – FALLING!  I explained that my pants and walking shorts keep falling to the floor or ground!"

Gene U., Garden Grove, CA balance and awareness of the environment around me have improved drastically

I am 84 years old.  Before I started attending gym classes at Nifty after Fifty I was having difficulty walking.  I was losing my balance and falling frequently.  My son decided to enroll me in the balance and exercise class at Nifty after Fifty in Garden Grove.  Since then I have lost over 40 pounds and my balance and awareness of the environment around me have improved drastically.

I am still attending classes twice weekly and I really enjoy it.  The camaraderie we share helps to motivate us and it makes for a fun environment.  Nifty after Fifty has helped me out tremendously and I know it can do the same for anyone who is willing to try it."

Laura M., Westminster, CA



Thank you all the great people who make Nifty after Fifty really nifty

About two and a half years ago I took inventory of myself.  The results were ugly; I was fat, out of shape and had no energy, for sure not a pretty picture.  My doctor said “lose weight and get some regular exercise”.  The diagnosis is simple; one only looks in the mirror.  My grandson and his dad workout at one of the local workout chains.  A couple visits told me that an old geezer doesn’t belong in such an assembly line.


Then I saw a little sign go up in my neighborhood.  As soon as a door was opened I went in to find out what was going on.  Someone told me it was a program designed for elders who looked like me and were fat and out of shape, (no they didn’t say that, those are my words).  But they did say that before I could join a letter from my personal physician was needed.  The doctor visit was done post haste.  I joined and was introduced to the physical therapist [that] started me out on a 2 year journey.  Thank you all the great people who make Nifty after Fifty really nifty.


The results:  2 years later nearing age 85 I have lost 35 pounds, trimmed up, restored my energy, and feel better than I have for the last 25 years.  My 80 year old wife also joined and has no shoulder pain and between the two of us, we have lost the chiropractor’s phone number.  No, it’s not magic; it’s hard work to learn how to use the knife and fork.  But under the watchful eye of a great dedicated staff of super people, the long overdue tune-up was fun.  I can’t begin to praise the wonderful staff [you’ve] assembled, their professionalism, cheerfulness and the personal interest they take in each member - they care.


Nifty after has done for seniors something long overdue."

Bob M., Brea, CA



“Replenish, Refresh”

Nifty after Fifty is a FEEL GOOD GYM that provides a feel good atmosphere, feel good music and definitely makes me, and I know others, FEEL GOOD, FEEL REPLENISHED AND REFRESHED!  I even had a girl charm engraved with Nifty after Fifty and an angel charm engraved with “Replenish, Refresh”!  This facility has been such an important part of my life this past year.  The charms are my visual reward for my own success story!


I have been a member at several gyms over the years and started attending beginning yoga classes after retiring seven years ago.  However, because of [osteoarthritis], getting older, shoulder injuries (from the previous gym), shoulder surgeries, arthritic feet problems and Baker’s Cyst knee problems, I had to stop my exercising/yoga workouts and deal with prescription anti-inflammatory medications.  They help with the pain, but one doesn’t feel great when taking.


Thanks to using Nifty’s air pressured equipment two or three times a week and doing the wonderful yoga classes three times a week (geared for the nifty bodies and doesn’t accelerate as the weeks pass), I am not having to use prescription pain medications, have more flexibility, endurance, strength, energy, no more injury surgeries, and FEEL GOOD.


The yoga instructor says, “Our bodies are all different and vary day to day.  It is yoga practice and not yoga perfect.  What each of us does on our yoga mat is ok.  There is no judgment.”  There is a lot of laughter though, along with our groans and accomplishments.  We work on balance, our abs, our breathing and each moving and bending according to what our bodies will allow.  At yoga’s end, we ALL feel replenished and refreshed.  This is true after the equipment workouts, too.


My priority in life at age 66 is my HEALTH.  My daily, monthly calendar revolves around my gym/yoga dates.  I want to keep moving, not injure myself, have good balance, stay healthy, and enjoy my retirement years with my husband, family, and friends.

Nifty after Fifty is NIFTY and has made me feel NIFTY.  In addition to the gym’s offerings, I am always meeting new people.  New acquaintances become new friends.  New friends and the Nifty employees have given me support, advice, help, laughter and are always sharing “warm smiles”.  What else can anyone ask for on a daily basis?  No matter what stresses are going on in my life, I KNOW there is at least one hour of RELIEF at Nifty and I will FEEL GOOD!


Taking one day at a time!  Thanks to Nifty after Fifty, I continue to do pretty well."

Marlee C., Los Alamitos, CA



Bob T.'s  Story

Bob T. started working out at Nifty after Fifty in May of 2012 at the urging of his wife Janet who was already attending the gym. When Bob walked through the doors he weighed 232lbs, had a body fat of 36.9%, a body muscle of 26.8%, and a BMI of 33.2. Bob was thoroughly evaluated by Nifty after Fifty’s Fitness Coaches and given some tough, but attainable goals to achieve. Bob took the Fitness Coaches’ recommendations by the horns, combined them with his changed eating habits and he started seeing some serious results.  Bob attended Nifty after Fifty as many days as they would let him. He did his regular individualized exercise program, participated in their Core Concepts and Circuit Training classes, and eventually became a Nifty MASTER. A Nifty MASTER must reach a goal of 50 visits in a consecutive 6-month time frame. When Bob became a Nifty MASTER he received a t-shirt, water bottle, tote bag, and key chain. Today, with Bob’s determination and the help of Nifty after Fifty, he is 64lbs lighter, has a body fat of 15.4%, a body muscle of 37.7%, and a BMI of 24.1. Bob also completed a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2 hours and 55 minutes. Thanks to Nifty after Fifty he has improved his overall health, strength, flexibility, and endurance and is feeling great. Way to go Bob!