Encore Wellness is passionate about senior wellness!


We knew that physically active seniors had better long-term health than sedentary ones, so we developed a wellness center that not only catered to the 50 to 95 year old market, but was revolutionary in its approach and unique in its goals.

In 2006, we opened our first wellness center called Nifty after Fifty in Whittier, California.  In order to bring good health to more seniors, we partnered with senior health insurance companies like CareMore Health Plan, Monarch HealthCare, and TexanPlus to provide their members with the benefit of Nifty’s unique programs.

Currently Encore Wellness by Nifty after Fifty® offers health plans, medical groups, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and hospital partners true population health care management at 38 centers in five states across the U.S. both directly and by virtue of a licensing program. This year, 15,000 members will make over one million fitness visits to our centers. For more information on our licensing program, please contact Mike Merino at mike.merino@encore-wellness.com.